GET DIAGNOSTICS with COPY statement in Pl/pgsql function

Now GET DIAGNOSTIC will return the number of rows processed by COPY statement in a Pl/Pgsql function.COPY statement in Pl/Pgsql Function:

Previous release:

In PostgreSQL 9.3

Thanks to author, it looks simple but very effective when working with loading the data using scripts and want to know the number of rows processed by the COPY statement. –Raghav

Disk page checksums to detect filesystem failures in PostgreSQL 9.3Beta 1

New feature introduced in PostgreSQL 9.3Beta 1 i.e. “Disk page checksums”. Thanks to author Ants Aasama and Simon Riggs, Jeff Davis,Greg Smith. In earlier releases, if there’s any data corruption block on disk it was silently ignored until any pointer arrives on it or some wrong results shown by the queries. Now, data corruption detected beforehand…

What if, import file (txt/csv) having “BOM-ed UTF-8” encoding?

So what is “UTF-8 BOM” mean ? its byte order mark for UTF-8, some bytes (0xEF,0xBB,0xBF) are added at the start of the file to indicate that the file having unicode characters in it. BOM Characters “9”. As per Unicode documentation, the presence of BOM in file are useless, because it causes problems with non-BOM-aware…