PostgreSQL Process names on Solaris

PostgreSQL Processes are very few and countable like, writer process, wal writer proces,stats collector,autovacuum process,syslogger process,archiver process & daemon postmaster. If replication enabled then there will be wal sender & wal receiver process. In my trainings, I use to show process information by executing “ps -ef | grep postgres”, but how could I show the…

Upgrading Slony-I 2.0.x to latest version 2.1.x

Slony-1 2.1 has very good fixes and new features like adding Bulk tables, improvement on WAIT FOR with Merge Set/Move Set, support for TRUNCATE on replicating tables and many more. Am using Slony-I 2.0.7, so thought of upgrading it to latest version. Upgrading Slony-I is very simple and it can be achievable in few steps….

Compiling PL/Proxy with PostgresPlus Advance Server 9.1

PostgresPlus Advance Server 9.1(PPAS) is EnterpriseDB product, which comes with enterprise features as additional with community PostgreSQL. Most of the contrib modules(pgfoundry) can be pluged into this product using Stackbuilder. However,currently Pl/Proxy is not bundled or downloadable with Stack-builder. So,here is how you can compile the Pl/Proxy with PPAS 9.1. 1. Download Pl/Proxy.

2. After sucessfull…